Company Profile


Raul Inc.


Tamagawa Shinjuku Building 3F, 2-9-22 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022 Japan[MAP]

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50million yen


Kenji Eda


Faculty of Economics, Keio University, Japan

Job History

・Joined Anderson Consulting (currently Accenture Inc.)
Department of Energy/Chemistry (Resource Group)
-Participation in CRM projects for electric companies/ SCM projects for chemical manufactures
・Established Raul Inc. 2005

Our Concept and Services

Our Concept


To create the world where all resources circulate, and where people and nature can live more comfortably.


・We support your environmental activities with our cutting-edge digital technologies.
・We contribute to the early realization of the era when “everyone can choose their energy” by connecting power producers/ suppliers and consumers by our digital technologies.
・We develop human resources to expand the connection among the companies/ citizens who have environmental awareness.


Creation of the new values
・We lit a light on the things which no one has dealt with, and search for new values.
・Our aim is to create only-one services, not to win number-one on this field.

Our Value

・We use our digital technology to enhance environmental activities.
・Our network connects over 10 thousand clients.

Featured services

Green Site License(GSL)

GSL enables every size of companies to contribute to environmental activities through their websites.

CO2 Research

We estimate the amount of CO2 emission from your offices and stores.

Supporting your start-ups

We support the start-ups of social venture companies based on our experiences in the field of eco businesses. This service will be offered in the form of revenue share contract.
Not limited to the services showed above, we offer various kinds of services to meet your needs from the perspective of digital technologies.