We want to create a society in which all resources circulate continuously,
enabling people to live comfortably in a rich natural environment.

RAUL helps clients decarbonize and transform their operations through
cutting-edge digital technology and drive their businesses forward in the age of decarbonization.

Our Corporate Philosophy

Our Vision

To create a society blessed with a rich natural environment in which people live comfortably and all resources are interconnected and circulated.

Our Mission

To help clients decarbonize their businesses through cutting-edge digital technology

To quickly build cleaner social infrastructure by supporting digital transformation in the energy industry

To develop people skilled in sustainability over a long period of time

Our Values

Creating new values

Exploring uncharted territories for new values

Producing ideas for unique services rather than competing with other companies

Combining energy with digital technology to create a newcircular society

Since the start of this decade, we have seen drastic changes in the market, regulatory and technological aspects of the environment and energy industries on a global scale.
One factor that is driving these big changes is wider use of digital technology across all industries. I believe that the energy industry will develop further by integrating with the telecommunication and auto industries--and that calls for businesses to act quickly, collaborating with players from other industries and developing new business models.

On the energy consumer side, the reform of the electricity system in 2016, frequent natural disasters, and a global shift towards a carbon-free society have changed people's mindset, and consumers have taken more interest in the SDGs. More and more consumers are wanting to find out where businesses stand on the topics of natural environment and energy usage when selecting products and services to purchase. In other words, across all industries, decarbonization is already becoming a factor that can make or break the ability of businesses to compete successfully.

Since our establishment in 2005, we have used our knowledge in digital technology including IoT, blockchain and AI to help businesses decarbonize. We will continue to use our extensive experience and numerous business cases to help our clients and win the trust of existing and future consumers.

Kenji Eda
Representative Director

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